Sunderland Art Exhibition

  We have been in Sunderland since the start of 2013. My sister suggested a visit to the Modern Art exhibition in the local library as a distraction.

This is not the traditional Victorian building you would imagine but an ex BINNS department store, all grey and glass.
The exhibition is well hidden on the fifth floor.We were lucky  to find it as it closes January 12th and was not advertised anywhere around the city.
      MORAL HOLIDAY 26th Oct –Jan 12th
The official blurb described “thought experiments” which “query existing moral order”
A series of photographs and videos by several modern artists give examples of taking a MORAL HOLIDAY……
              . “Dramatise ethical quandaries by inverting social normsq or expectations”
OK so if you are still with me now for the fun.
Before Health and Safety stopped this dangerous idea the idea of balloon structures was expanding.

This photo is by way of a challenge for a family friend who has promised to model balloons at our next grandchild’s
The next artist  MURRAY BALLARD looked at CRYONICS. This is the belief that freezing your corpse to -196 degrees you can be somehow thawed out at revived in the future.

One of the centres is in Melbourne Beach Florida where we once lived which was spookey
Some people even have a home kit in case they can’t get to the centre in good condition.
We presume someone else in the house has to train how to use this “embalming” kit !
Next artist was CLARILLA LULIC who worked on a cruise ship which she named a “gilded prison”
She described the crew living in windowless cabins smaller than the first class en suites, working on less than minimum  wage to support the hedonistic lifestyle above.
The forced jollity of the crew was painful , the discarded official portraits of passengers sadly funny.

Photos like this of organised Butlin style events contrasted with exhausted off duty staff and long lists of rules to keep passengers happy……. Aaaaaagh never want to try a cruise …thank you!

Another artist..PABLO WENDEL SHOWED AN 8minute video . He risked the fury of Chinese officials by risking a joke which he must have known they would not find amusing.
After scanning the rows of Terracotta Warriors and strictly shepherded tourists shuffling by one of the figures moves.
How he managed to evade security dressed as a statue is impressive.

My husband loved the alternate to the periodic table.

My favourite was the following quote .

Heading south next week but very happy to have stumbled across this thought provoking gem.

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