Bath – Two Spas, One City

I was given the unusual Birthday present from my son and daughter in law of a book spa.

The venue was in Bath so we decided to make a day of it. This turned out to be quite a day , so much so , it inspired me to resurrect my blog. To you readers….. Welcome back!
A commuter train from Cardiff got us into Bath for an early frosty start and we headed straight to the Roman Baths. As you may know Bath is twinned with our other favourite site for Roman Baths Aix en Provence.
A friendly guide redirected us to the new and modern spa around the corner. 
We were one of the first to arrive just after opening and after collecting robes and towels headed to the roof top pool 
while it was still quiet.This is the view on their brochure , oddly we were looking out at several garret bedroom windows.
The outside air temperature was VERY COLD but the thermal fed 
waters VERY HOT. This created a surreal atmosphere.
Told hubbie this was just how I wanted the pool in France, he has promised to look into it!
The morning was spent in steam rooms , indoor pools and wonderful treatments.Back massages then a facial for me , foot massage for him.As the spa began to fill up we headed for lunch.
Only a short walk to the famous Pump Rooms and it’s Georgian splendour where under the chandelier we ate to delightful piano accompaniment.”
The glass of Italian red we had with our meal tasted much better  than the celebrated restorative waters that were on offer.
We were then ready for the afternoons activities and walked to the famous Royal Crescent.
The section under wraps is a discrete and high class hotel undergoing refurbishment.
Number one has been restored to its Georgian splendour and open for tour.Enthusiastic guides await to show you around each elegant room.
The upstairs may be beautiful but downstairs is more interesting and contracts the years to show a kitchen with almost modern fittings.
The housekeepers room looked cosy.
The servants hall showed an interest way to exercise your pet and stop the roast burning.
Just wonder how they kept it moving , our dog would have got bored and lain down very quickly.
After a really interesting visit we set off to find the location of my next spa.
Co pilot led us down an interesting side street.
We knew we were getting close then suddenly there it was!
We were given a warm welcome by the staff and Kate led us upstairs to begin the  “spa treatment”.
A cosy fire set the atmosphere while Kate disappeared to make tea and fetch cake.
We settled down to discuss my interests and then Kate scanned the shelves on three floors and returned again and again with interesting piles gathered around my chair I tried to make some choices. It was wonderful to be introduced to books not on the best seller list , or offered at the usual chain book stores.
 In the end the difficult decision was made and my book tokens spent, though I could have bought them all.Kate provided the list of all she had found so I could keep them for my “Wish List”.
A wonderful gift for anyone who can enjoy a day out in bath.Check out and look at what I got.
As the sun went down we headed back towards the station.
A fabulous if tiring day and ready for our next adventure , and hopefully future blogs.

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