Start Summer Travels 2014


Once a year we give Easyjet a miss and travel by car to France. It’s a seven seater, not because we take lots of people but we need the space for essentials like pickles, curry spices and tea bags.
We have just about tried every crossing both day and night, none are painless but this might be our favourite.
Drive to Portsmouth for the mid afternoon crossing to Caen.
This gives you the chance to see some of the Navy ships in port.
A last look at blighty in daylight for a change and we were off.
We still booked a cabin as I am notorious for being seasick ,but as you can see the channel was like a mill pond.
I was still happier on deck though did manage a Bloody Mary in the bar to settle my stomach.
We arrived in Caen at 9-30 pm and headed for the local Ibis Hotel.
Bliss a bed that didn’t move, I may never do the overnight option again.
We drive down the west of France on empty motorways and through the wonderful scenery of 
extinct volcanos.really the route is planned just so we can cross a bridge…. But what a bridge!

This is the MILLAU and well worth any diversion.have another look.
Isn’t it fabulous.Anyway back at the house we cleared out the cobwebs, started up the pool but instead of settling in for the summer shuttered it up and set off for another adventure.
I will try to keep the stops up to date for you as we go.


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