Day one in Northern Italy


Driving East to Italy

First let me explain that one of our pre-trip jobs was to have the little French car serviced and put through its MOT .The day after this it “died ” on us and R had the white knuckle experience of having it towed back by a friend from our village to the garage.Some electronic gizmo controlling petrol input******** stuff was replaced, but a pollution fault has continued to flash. So having set off at the crack of dawn to Italy this morning ,even before Nice ,we have a large red light warning an engine fault!!!’ R decided to keep going and if we broke down AGAIN he would abandon the car and hire or buy a new one. No stress then !!! 

We kept on going so after a while I was almost as relaxed as he was and we decided to take a detour to Lake Garda.

Lovely stroll by Lake and time for an icecream then onwards to Verona.
The hotel LA GROTTA was easy to find, 3km outside the city. All brand new, black ,silver and shocking pink.
A good choice for us , we unpacked and settled in for two nights.
We headed into city centre using JAMES our new sat nav for guidance enjoyed our first Italian pizza in a pretty square 
A big rock concert was being held in the Roman arena , hearing the crown roar in anticipation as we passed was kinda creepy!The next morning we got to see inside.
But let’s leave our day in Verona for the next blog.

One response to “Day one in Northern Italy

  1. Graeme Chalklin

    Hi M&R, we’re enjoying reading these (as usual) and look forward to hearing about Verona. Have a great time.

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