Day Three Padua

Day Three Padua

Today was an easy drive from Verona to Padua but James earned his keep guiding us through 
Medieval cobbled streets to our hotel.
This was nothing to R’s driving skills it getting us through the market round the back of the Tabac stand and into the underground car park. Very happy to leave it safely there during our stay.
This is a traditional rather old fashioned hotel , very cosy.
The view from our window is impressive and shows how central we are.

We wandered down to the fruit and veg market to enjoy lunch and watch the world go by.

The trip is turning into a bit of a pilgrimage , so many church visits , but that is where to see the impressive art.Today the amazing frescoes by Giotto in the Capella devil Scrovegni. Not being 
Catholics a lot of the symbolism is lost on us , but I can’t help but notice how beautiful the Virgin Mary looks but some of the babies are really ugly, couldn’t keep them still to paint maybe.
The other really special visit was the tour of the ancient university of Padua.

The badges are left by the students.countries represented from all over Europe, the first female graduate, names like Galileo and Harvey.The dissection gallery was fascinating.

Many of the narrow streets are pedestrian and hide traditional shops.

Students are everywhere drinking and eating on the streets, we can hear their voices in our room.
Not an all nighter we hope.
Wonderful pasta for dinner

More sights to see tomorrow before we leave for Venice and our FIRST EVER CRUISE !!!!

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