Day two VERONA


With the help of James we got back into Verona this morning and started our tourist trip.

So some personal observations. Having the car I had gone to town on the packing , huge hold all most of my summer wardrobe, felt ready for anything … Then saw the shops in Verona, if only someone had stolen the bag I could start again.I am sadly missing the huge clumpy summer boots and tiny lacey shorts… Maybe it’s for the best. 
R is obsessed by the kitchen shops and the engineering that goes into coffee makers and ham slicers.

The price of handbags in the temples dedicated to them has been a revelation to him. 
The snack bars and icecream parlours have been a joy to behold.

I discovered the local drink which is an orange Vermouth spritzer , not to be ordered when you are thirsty it packs a punch.
Big news is we may have gone viral on Facebook.We bought a Verona Pass so then got busy getting our money’s worth.At the fictional house of Juliet we were the only ones to go in.
We stumbled out ontoTHE balcony.A crowd of American college girls and a bus load of Asian tourists gasped below us.R waved …. “Kiss her ” one of them cried, to my amazement he swept me into an embrace eliciting loud cheers , “Again ” they cried grabbing cameras, , he obliged and I then left him waving and blowing kisses to his new fan base……Bizarre!!!!!!

The evening we tried a blind tasting of six fish dishes at a fab restaurant AL CAPITAN , 
I even tried octopus and enjoyed it…. 
Must be the aftershock of my balcony moment.
Loved Verona , highly recommend it and our hotel.
Tomorrow PADUA!

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