Day 4 Padua to Venice

May 22nd Thursday.
Padua to Venice

We had a morning left to fill in Padua. First stop Palazzo della Ragione which sits in the middle of the fruit and veg market.this was a really strange visit, built on the base of a Roman Forum it was started in the 13th century , an enormous hall above the market, it served as a law court.The ceiling like the hull of a huge wooden vessel and the walls covered in astronomical frescoes, a historic building worthy of a visit in itself but at the moment it houses a wonderful exhibition on modern architecture. Iconic buildings from around the world as models , design plans , reasons for the materials used, etc were just as mind blowing.The SHARD from London was the UK example and I am now driven to visit it’s viewing deck.

It was a strange and yet fitting venue for this impressive exhibition.
I also loved the STONE OF SHAME from 1231 , here debtors were made to sit in their underwear and cry “I renounce my worldly goods” …. Second offence three buckets of cold water were poured over them, perfect for some modern bankers , dodgy car dealers etc.
We then visited the Basilica of St Antonio, some religious places inspire quiet reflective contemplation even if you have no faith and some are just creepy, this like the Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona gave me the creeps.I just don’t feel comfortable with relics, but this is a country with a TV station dedicated to news about the Pope so I don’t really understand a lot of it.
Anyway jolly lunch in the square and a short drive to Venice.
We parked the car by the airport and a mini bus took us to the port.Pleased we had left plenty of time as he took us to the wrong boat, should have used James to navigate , he was brilliant at getting us out of Padua.
So here we are on the boat. I am so dull I hadn’t realised the significance of leaving from Venice, we passed St Marks square!!!!
We have had lifeboat drill Ha! I am not waiting for my geriatric fellow passengers to reach the muster station , it’s jacket on and jumping from our balcony for me!
Anyway had dinner with a table from Australia and New Zealand and back in the cabin
I have to report no noise or movement so I am VERY impressed., but it has only been a few hours,more news tomorrow.

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