Dubrovnik May 25th

May 25th Sunday Dubrovnik

Woke up early for our arrival just off the old port of Dubrovnik.Since I am now cured of excursions we had an early breakfast and caught the first tender to get on shore. We have the luxury of these non stop boat taxis to give us the freedom to go on and off the boat as we chose. This morning getting into the city before the mass of tourist boats and busses arrived was a big advantage. The Main Street was almost quiet.
We climbed up to and walked the city walls in the relative cool and quiet of the morning.
Most tour groups will not risk their clients on the steep stairs and sections of the walls but they give you a wonderful overview of this reconstructed city .
The newly replaced roofs after the bombing of ’91 are quite a patchwork
You can dip into museums en route.The maritime museum gave me shivers as many of the models were of boats bought from my home shipyard in Sunderland.
We easily slipped back to the boat for a shower and lunch.
Later that afternoon we achieved what seemed impossible , meeting up with friends from Provence on a different cruise .We went up the mountain on the cable car together then enjoyed a quiet drink and catch up before parting ways.
We returned to our ship for another delicious dinner and a cabaret floor show.They had then organised a Rock and Roll night.A noisy version of Jonny be good got lots of couples up on the dance floor but they followed it with Great Balls of Fire then Jailhouse Rock , each song emptied the floor a little more till most of our fellow passengers crawled off to bed .We are amongst the youngest, and while they may remember the jive they are certainly no longer up to dancing it!
We ended up on a remote upstairs bar trying cocktails with some Aussies and enjoying the view.
This company really haven’t got the evening entertainment sussed , or maybe our American co passengers just like to eat early and go to bed!


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