Hvar May27th

May 27th Hvar

Early wake up with the sun to watch the boat moor off HVAR.
We usually have a buffet breakfast on the rear deck .
We started with the intention of watch our diet but in the end the food is so good you give in.
We do try to eat lots of fresh fruit.
We are lucky to have a frequent link to the harbour wall so we can then
catch the tender to shore for a wander.
We do arrive early which a big advantage, before other tour groups and the climbing is best done in the cool of the morning.
We seem endlessly fascinated by seeing our boat moored on various bays and trying to spot our cabin.
This is a very relaxed friendly holiday place, there are lots of smaller islands around and a variety of boats to hire to go visit them.
As it got warmer we popped back to the boat for a shower and salad lunch then in the afternoon a coastal walk .
,the island is covered in flowers and after recent rain very pretty.
We saw a beautiful family hotel on the coast, more like a resort which looked great for the kids…. Yes I am missing the grandchildren !
The evening was a special dinner to meet the Officers.We had a young enthusiastic French cadet and a rather stiff engineer who used to be an officer in the Romanian navy…… The cruise line pays better but he seemed lonely and homesick. We also met a couple from Yorkshire celebrating his “special” birthday.They loved steam trains and canal barges.They usually go on river cruises but don’t get off the boats much as they are not really interested in the destinations just the boats…. Ah well!
After dinner was Strictly Dancing with the Officers…. We watched ,…….only music atleast fifty years old seems to be allowed on the ship, but some of the officers and their guest partners were fun to watch.


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