Korkula May 24th

May 24th Saturday Korkula

Really good to sleep at mooring, we set off at 6-00am to sail for the island of Korkula.After breakfast we checked out the other excursions we thought might be interesting but anything involving a bus journey was dismissed , the canoeing too energetic and hot , and the days sail just TOO expensive .So finally we decided after today to go independent.The hassle of getting to meeting points and being sociable all day is just not relaxing.
We got to the island at lunch time and went to explore.
The boat looks very pretty at anchor.
The island was tiny but packed with history as the birth place of Marco Polo.
This is allegedly the Polo house though many families on the island are still called Polo.
Many of the towns are surrounded by walls with fortified gates and have a violent past.
This is hard to imagine now when all is so calm and they are surrounded by glassy turquoise seas.

Dinner was delicious but we shared our table with a right wing, racist American couple who put a great strain on our patience and forbearance.
The evening after dinner we had a dance interpretation of the works of Picasso which was excellent but sadly not very well supported.
The disco afterwards was a sad affair with the professional dancers jiggling to Abba, atleast I think it was Abba.Most of our fellow passengers seem to feel the need to go to bed early, we are beginning to gravitate towards a group of Australians!

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