May 27th. Last day of Cruise Pula and Rovnj

May 27th Pula and Rovinj 

One of the good things about a smaller boat is that it can often moor right at the quayside.This can be quite a surprise when you see the view from your balcony. Today it was a Roman Ampitheatre
not in such a good state of preservation as Verona , but impressive none the less.
We headed out for a wander and found ourselves in a local fish market where the locals were
jostling to do their shopping.
This port , like the whole region had a violent past,there were quite a collection of cannons on the fort at the top.
As we left it was a waft of nostalgia that hit me with the smell and sounds of the local shipyards.
We enjoyed lunch on board with afresh cooked paella on offer,
I enjoyed the chickpea flour pancakes which are popular in the South of France.The chef promised to drop the recipe off to our cabin.
When we arrived at Rovinj it was amazing to see the old town literally rise out of the water.
The narrow alley ways criss crossed what once was an island.
The restaurants had beautiful views,
and many expensive yachts moored in the modern harbour.
We decided the last climb up the gangplank was worth a photo.
Back at the boat it was cocktails on deck with the officers before dinner
R was definitely getting into the mood.
We sat with a couple revisiting Italy after 62 years of marriage.they had flown from Australia their origins from Scotland and Russia, they were great fun.
Not the best photo but this was a rushed shot of the formal tables.
After a last concert where things finally livened up a bit it was time to pack as we left the last port behind us.


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