Sibenik to Split May 23rd

May 23rd Arrive in Sibenik, then on to Split.

I have to admit I didn’t sleep well. Just stressed ,the ride is so quiet and smooth but my brain still knows we are moving.There are a lot of enthusiastic people around, eager to socialise .The cruise is a new experience for me and a little overwhelming despite being a relatively small boat.I am turning into a real grumpy old lady!
At 7-30 am we went out on the balcony to watch the boat squeeze through the narrow Ante strait.
Moored in Sibenik we joined our first excursion by coach to the KRKA FALLS.Thanks to the dreadful floods to the North all 17 cascades were in full spate so magnificent.
We have hundreds of waterfall photos…. 
Twice as R had his camera too.
Unfortunately we then drove the coast road to catch up with the boat now at Split.this has put me off all other excursions!!!! I expected sea sick not car sick
Just the smell of lunch when we got back made me feel ill.
After a little fresh fruit we ventured to see the Diocletion Palace on foot. 
We even found the energy to climb the bell tower for a fabulous view.

Happily the boat moored right in the old port so we were able to wander for an hour or so and get back for a rest before the CAPTAINS GALA dinner.

All dressed up we went for cocktails on deck , then a gourmet meal sharing our table with a very nice couple from Paris .
The chef had cleverly incorporated the name of the boat in our dessert.
There was then a small floor show with singers and dancers and a “disco” with such dated music the room was cleared within 30 mins…ah well not as much fun as the Russian boat trip.Maybe the vodka coloured my memory.
The view from our balcony as we settled for our overnight in Split was very pretty.

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