Trento to Innsbruck Austria!

Trento to Innsbruck

The breakfast was as good as we expected after last nights delicious dinner.we left the car safely parked after checking out to go and spend time in the town.
Here is a high student population and a lively atmosphere. 
Lots of interesting shops and cafés , and street music.
There was a wonderful atmosphere around a local wedding we stumbled upon ,
I loved the wedding announcements they had on all the lamposts outside the church.
We spent most of the morning touring the castle , I will just share a few photos,
The views from the castle were beautiful.
then bought another picnic lunch and headed out to the Bremmer pass.
James has taken the huff after yesterday, atleast we can’t seem to recharge his battery so out with the map again.
A busy road north so a disappointing picnic spot this time.
It was strange that we passed into Austria with no mark , no sign , no welcome not even a flag.
So entering Innsbruck ……we have tried to book all our hotels near the old city centres.
Innsbruck was the most expensive so we in a sort of back packers hotel.WE COULD NOT FIND IT. Several locals tried to help and in the end we parked the car and set off on foot. 
The reason was they have dug up the road.
They young guy on the desk , with a very long pony tail, was full of apologies, no one can find the hotel.To add to his misery the lift was broken and his internet down.We were ready to move on, especially when he said we were on the third floor.
The room was spotless and he promised to carry our bag up so we took the key.
after an hour we moved the car to the lane behind where parking is free over the weekend and got a restaurant recommendation from him for a beer Keller that all the students like.
We had a great dinner but I was so hungry we ate before I thought to take a photo!
Saturday night in Innsbruck is a very controlled affair, a couple of male groups, possibly stag do’s
One in lederhosen, 
the other in those fake Scottish tarten tams with fake ginger hair, both were quite jolly but not drunk and speaking German very politely to each other……strange !


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