Treviso to Trento

Treviso to Trento

We had made the mistake of watching the weather forecast before bed …… The storms looked dreadful so although R had spent a while programming James with a circuitous but pretty route , plan B was to struggle up the main road.
We woke to blue skies and a delicious breakfast in a pretty little dining room.the fresh flowers and little designer touches made up for this hotels rather back to front location.
Anyway buoyed up set off up the mountain road towards the North end of Lake Garda.
After a while of admiring views we started to think of lunch.While I had remembered to pack the picnic basket I had not had the forethought to buy food. We pulled over in a tiny village to collect bread , cheese , fruit and yogurts.We then sat in an alpine meadow , an idyllic cliche surrounded by dancing butterflies.
Onwards to Lake Garda and a lovely lakeside walk to digest lunch.
We saw a really pretty swam family.
R thought the sailing looked good fun.
I thought catching one of the ferry boats would be easier.
James then decided to play up , he took us up a road from the lake which was definitely off road , we met a couple of German hikers and a goat. I switched him off as he kept insisting we make a U TURN and resorted to a map.
As we got close to the hotel in we resurrected James who sadly did not realise the Dante square was being refurbished we met a bus going the wrong way down a newly established bus lane, local Italians found it funny.As you can see it would be hard to miss the hotel building.
Eventually I jumped out and with the help of the front desk guide R into the parking, James still suggesting a U TURN.
The hotel was quite a contrast from last night. The mess outside perhaps keeping the cost down.
Inside spaces were huge.
The lounge was impressive.
The staircase made the one last night seem tiny.
The room looked positively opulent.
We had pretty much stuck to a nightly budget so this must be cheaper because of the works going on outside.
Love this photo of the stairs.
After a quick wander round the old town just opposite we decided to splash out and eat in the restaurant at the hotel. We then rolled into bed to plan our visit tomorrow.

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