Day in Innsbruck

Day in Innsbruck

After travelling so much we didn’t want to go far today.after breakfast in the coffee bar next to the hotel we went to the tourist office to ask advice.She got out the tankard map we had been given at the hotel and pointed out all the sights we could read for ourselves. She said we must choose where to go ourselves and thought our idea of going up the mountain a bit strange, I suppose to locals it would seem pointless since we couldn’t ski back down.
We headed for the ski lift.
It went in three stages, gradually getting colder so we added layers of clothing and enjoyed the views.
We enjoyed coffee and strudel at the top and laughed at the crazy bikers planning to ride down.
Look at their route!
We were lucky to get some clear patches.
At the bottom we were amazed at the large groups of tourists from I
We were surprise to see so many large groups of tourists from India , our hotel expert explained it was the monsoon season and they start from Innsbruck , a one day stop over for a fortnight in Europe.
The Hapsburg palace was not on their itinerary so we had it to ourselves.
After a break and blog writing in the hotel we had another beer Keller dinner,the restaurant founded in 1753 . Most of Innsbruck looks like Epcot but that’s because we bombed it so the rebuild especially of the Cathedral is impressive.
We ate in another Beer Keller founded in 1753 R had a local Tyrolean speciality , tastey but he said it was a bit like the fry ups we have to empty the fridge when we leave France…. Even had the fried egg on top!
Anyway another pack up for an early set off as parking charges kick in at 9-00am

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  1. Four and a Dog

    You’re certainly seeing lots of beautiful places.

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