Well we set off early and realised our forward planning had kind of fizzled out here. we had read in a book of the fifty drives to do before you die that the ALPENSTRASSE was way up the list.It runs for about 280 miles east from Lake Constance (Bodensee) to the west and we planned to join it north of Innsbruck about halfway. We had a list of places to visit so headed for the nearest at
Wallau. We arrived about 9-30 and headed for the tourist office
It was a very pretty town complete with shop selling traditional costume.

They had never heard of the ALPENSTRASSE, nor had their boss in the office upstairs.They offered us of routes recommended for motor cycles which were picturesque so armed with a map and a list of towns we set off(james was still sulking … Flat battery and duff charger)

We were lucky the rain held off and the wild flowers along the route were fabulous

Our next stop was at Weis which was pretty so we stopped for coffee and to add some layers of clothing as it was getting cooler.
We decided to go for a wander and found this behind the coffee shop.
We realised a tour guide would have been a good investment, all signs in German tis place was completely over the top.
Gilt and ceiling and wall paintings everywhere, should have been playing Mozart!!!
Anyway back on the road the scenery was beautiful, mountains and lakes.
Every turn in the road another view, we were in no rush.The distance each day is about two hours driving time so plenty of time to stop.
We reached Oberammergau.
It is full of tourist shops , especially Christmas shops, with incredibly expensive decorations.
We grabbed a bruscetta 
then back on the road.
We took time for a lot of stops and photos.

Then there was another brown sign for a short detour and we found this, getting to be a bit of a 
The inside of thes churches made the Italian ones look under decorated
The car parks were full of bus trips.I have along list of places and saints I need to google just to find out where we have been.
After a couple more photo stops.
Finally we saw the island of Lindau signposted and headed down to the lake.
We knew finding the next hotel would be a challenge as most of the island is pedestrianised but the hotel had sent us detailed directions.
Guess what our road was blocked AGAIN! 
We abandoned the car at the railway station and walked the cobbled streets.
once the bags and I were safely at the hotel R moved the car to the long term parking.
The hotel is pretty.
The room is fine.
The view from the window shows how close we are to the neighbours.
Both ways,
Tomorrow a lazy day, no driving.

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