Lindau to Calw.

Lindau to Calw

So last breakfast on Lindau. We have piles of logs in the garden from the tree fall last year.I was keen for R to produce a wall decoration like the one in the breakfast room but he wasn’t ….pity!

While he went to collect the car I waited with the luggage at the train station , we had decided against the maze of cobbled streets.
We planned to drive along the lakeside before heading North but of course couldn’t see the water from the road which passed though one busy lakeside town after another.
Once on the autobahn the road got busier with lorries and was often only two lanes.Pulling out to overtake was terrifying, no matter how many times you checked your rear view mirror a powerful German car would appear from nowhere going faster than I have ever seen a car driven and be up your exhaust pipe.
We stopped for coffee at a spotless services, their salad buffet looked amazing.

By then it had started to rain so we pressed on to Calw or Calf as it is pronounced.
James kept insisting we had arrived at our destination so we did the now usual trick of parking and hunting on foot.
No wonder we missed the entrance it involved mounting the pavement off a busy road in a tiny gap between two buildings.

We then drove up a narrow lane to find our parking spot.

R’s driving skills tested again.

The family running the place were very jolly and friendly and seemed really pleased to meet us.
They showed us to a small building split into apartments


We were very happy with the inside.

A well equipped kitchenette , spotless bathroom , wifi etc all perfect.

In the foyer was a drinks selection and an honesty box.
We were directed to the local version of Aldi to stock our fridge with essentials and found the pedestrian bridge opposite the flat took us directly into the old part of town.

The first building was the local flower market.The main local celebrity is Herman Hesse who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1946 his picture is everywhere and connections with all the local sights.

This square is named after him.
The town was left relatively up damaged in the war so there are lots of old buildings.

It has several new coffee shops and craft shops trying to up its image as a tourist destination.
Anyway we enjoyed a simple home cooked meal in our own place tonight which seemed like a real treat and caught up on the BBC news.

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