So we woke in our lovely appartment to bright sunshine and enjoyed a British breakfast with a cup of proper tea.
We then decided to visit Aix twin town Tubingen.
It is a university town on a river and quickly remained us of Durham.

There were even students in boats on the river.

We liked the notice on the church door.

As usual we wandered round old squares and were impressed by the profusion of flowers everywhere.

We found a student cafe full of posters for concerts , plays etc and of course students all speaking different languages.
The salad was yummy but so much fruit I wasn’t sure if it was savoury or dessert.

We found an amazing avenue of plane trees on an island in the river.They had been planted to honour the city’s last public executioner!
We drove back through the Nargold valley, a river valley crisscrossed with biking and hiking trails, 

Very pretty.
Anyway last photo of the day in Calw is of a rubbish /wheelie bin…. Someone had knitted a cover, loo roll style it was amazing.

We cooked local sausage in the flat and tidied up for our last move tomorrow to Luxembourg.


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