Day in Luxembourg with a heat wave

Day in LuxembourgWhen I packed for this trip I added jeans and jumper for this last stage up North.We have hit a heat wave and hiding from the midday sun, it makes the evenings at the theatre balmy , lots of strolling by the fountains with a drink between sets.

Back to the start of the day and a stroll into the centre of the city.We have been very happy with our choices of hotel, once we have booked in and parked ,getting into each city has been an easy walk and nearly always the car has stayed parked at base.
Luxembourg was so quiet till we hit the centre and fellow tourists ,all the locals gone out of the city for the weekend.

The main square was full of restaurants and cafés.
We found a pretty flower market.
Reminded me of how much work we face when we get back , not even started planting our pots yet.
We walked the fortifications.

Most people seemed to be walking the city walls.

We found a good spot to take photos but were already flagging with the heat.

By mutual agreement we decided on lunch in the square.

So left the tourists and ignored signs to churches and museums.

We had lunch next to an antique market and walked back to the apartment through one of the many parks.

Even the park seemed quiet.
It was time for an afternoon nap, tonight after the performances we were joining the casts and drama groups for a party that started late.
The three plays were again very different , a monologue by an Irish actor on the “troubles” got a standing ovation and the theatre was sold out.
The party went on till 2-00am and was great fun…. Lots of dancing and post performance hysteria.

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