End of the European Tour

Final days of the European Tour

Last day in Luxembourg was forecast to be at least 40degrees and even early morning it felt muggy.
We had been told in the high town there was a really good museum and modern art gallery, BUT it was just TOOO HOT!!!!
We took a leisurely stroll through the nearby shady park into the city for coffee.

We picked up baguettes and cakes from one of the few bakers open on this bank holiday Monday and wandered back.The city is emptied of its citizens and left to the tourists.

Even the tourist train had few takers.We took a last photo of the city before lunch in the air con in our apartment.

This was our last chance to participate in the Fringe events so in the afternoon enjoyed a local Italiatin acoustic rock band called “Lucky Common”
Then a very polished performance by the ESOC Theatre Group”Trail of Stones” a collection of poems written by Gwen Strauss
An adult take on Fairy Stories with wonderful live music accompaniment.
Our appetites well whetted we waited for the final three plays.
It was so hot by now one of the participants joined the children in the fountain outside.

There was a lovely atmosphere building as tonight the winners of the whole festival would be announced.
Between plays we enjoyed drinks outside in balmy air.
A really good mix.
LA FRANCO … an inquisition court drama from 16th century Venice, based on true documents
DEATH …. insanity from Woody Allen
AMATEURS … an expose of American political scandal….. This just blew us away won best play , best actress and almost best actor…. All from a multinational group based in Hamburg.
A fabulous ending to the festival
So unusually I will include a photo of the group of friends who lasted through to the last night.

An early start and the long drive back down to Provence.it took us from 7-00am to 16-30

Traffic was light and we switched two hours on and off driving.The fun was we came at the house from the west having driven east to Italy all those weeks ago.We really have completed a circuit , visited seven countries and had a great time.
Good job we get on well together , just as well since we have already passed 45years together!!!!!


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