Spookey Stamford and Burghley House

Spookey Stamford in Burghley House

We travel around the UK and usually hurtle on Motorways to save time.We are reaching the age when things seem less urgent and we are tempted to make the occasional detour. Recently it was off the A1 to Stamford .We stayed at an old Coaching Inn, The Bull and Swan.
Leaving the car parked there, it was a tight squeeze to get though the coach entrance, we decided to walk across the park to Burghley House.
The deal was Bed, Breakfast ,Evening meal and half price entry to the house.


We hadn’t realised it would be a deer park or that it would take us a good half hour to reach the house.
My husband had planned an extra treat for Halloween, a candlelit spookey tour after the house closed to the public.

I wasn’t keen , I hide behind the sofa for Doctor Who! Then we realised how dark it would be by the time we walked back.R offered his phone torch, I told him to order a Taxi.

We enjoyed the house which seemed to be in a constant state of readiness for some Monarch to visit, from Queen Elizabeth 1 to Queen Victoria.we couldn’t imagine how many staff must have been needed to run it.

The walls not smothered in art work were painted in murals, the climax at the Hells Staircase which was creepy even in daylight.

The spooky tour was TOO well done , it seemed the whole population of Stamford was lurking in stables , cellars, and kitchens looking ghoulish. When listening to a ghost story in the great hall a hand shot out from a figure hiding under a table and grabbed my neighbours ankle ,her screams were deafening.The Hell Staircase by lantern light showed the Grim Reaper descend to chose one of our party to leave with him!!!!!
I was very happy to get in my taxi back to the hotel. Our room was quirky ,sloping floor,walls at strange angles but a huge comfy bed.The evening meal by an open fire was tasty and despite the frights had a good nights sleep.
The next day we had time to wander into Stamford to see a traditional department store.

We found an antique store and bought an old wooden well bucket, strange? 

Not really we actually have an old well to put it on!


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