Poppy field in London

So many thousands have managed to visit the Tower of London with its array of poppies I decided I had to be one of them.We were somewhat panicked to realise the installation was due to be dismantled after Remembrance Day next week.
On impulse we booked an away day on the train to London despite warnings that the crowds would be difficult.
From Paddington we took the Hammersmith line to Aldwich then walked to the Tower.
The flow on the pavements began to build till we crossed the main road near Tower bridge and reached our first view piont.Not sure if the mass of people or poppies took my breath away.


For the poppies they flowed from a window of this ancient building and flowed into the moat


Each flower individually formed in fragile ceramics to represent one soul lost in Battle.


Some stood on their sturdy metal stems embedded in mud.


As happens when scattering seeds ,in places cramped together , in others widely spaced .


At the edges flowing like a liquid


The crowds were not silent but quiet, conversations muted.The atmosphere
was sombre ,yet friendly.The best of the British character on show, tolerance ,patience , respect of others.Photographs taken for strangers and stories shared .


Memories were obviously stirred and emotional moments made public.


We did little else except get there ,marvel at the sight and travel home, but it was a day well spent.
A fellow visitor told me I should go back at 5pm ,the last post is sounded as the red tinted floodlights turn on to illuminate the thousands of poppies .
“It is very moving”, she assured me,but I didn’t go back , too emotionally drained to be moved anymore.



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