Children in Need with the BBC 2014

It was announced at our grandsons Primary School that they would be supporting Children in Need , the BBC charity this November.
He decided to rise to the challenge by walking to school.This seems like nothing special but Tal had been told he would never walk at all.He was born with Cerebral Palsy and was expected to be confined to a wheel chair…. That was before we went to St Louis USA and that’s in the blog all about Tals journey.
Post operation three years ago he has worked hard to finally take a few steps independently ….the walk to school is a kilometre and in a Welsh village far from flat terrain.
Soooo…the night before was marked with howling winds and lashing rain.Everyone in the family was having second thoughts, mum was up through the night unable to sleep , we awoke to the smell of baking flapjacks as snacks for the walkers.


Tal awoke raring to go at 6-00am .a bit like the gunfighter preparing for the show down .First the Lycra suit zipped on to enhance his muscle awareness, then a back support and after the Pudsey costume the ankle support splints , shoes and sticks.


His dad had to shoot off to fetch Pudsey from BBC Wales to the school so the surprise guest would be awaiting his arrival.Visitors started to arrive , first his Physio and then his coach, then the children from the neighbours.


We set off from the edge of the village by 7-30 am


Friends had posted the event en route to the school.


As we walked more children joined in.


They had all dressed as their favourite super hero, we even had super zebra ?


Children handed out flyers to explain what was going on and rattled collection buckets while Tal plodded on at an impressive rate.


We reached the top of a steep hill and paused for a sit and refreshments.


Then the tricky bit down the hill ,through the woods and over the stream.Coach Dean urging him on.

The slippy leaves underfoot didn’t help.

Then word came that a BBC film crew were coming towards us to do a piece for the news, Tal powered up the hill on the other side.


The lollipop crossing man was impressed to see Tal walking towards him.

Tal was now excited to be in sight of the school grounds.

Brother Gethin was there all the way as official photographer.
At last we saw the school sign.

Tal could not believe who was waiting for him .


As he hugged Pudsey there wasn’t a dry eye.


Jon had set the original fund target at a hundred pounds , Tal had passed two and a half thousand and it was still rising , but that wasn’t the really important thing.
Tal said that it was the best day of his life, he was bursting with pride.His interview on BBC went out on the main Welsh news, the publicity for the SDR operation and its possibilities for children with Tals condition was huge.
We were again inspired by the kindness and support given to him by friends ,family and strangers.for everyone who was there it became a memory to treasure for life.


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