Spring Day in Wales



We had snow on the hills but by morning there was bright sunshine.We decided to head North and have a day out in the Brecon Beacons.It wasn’t an early start but a beautiful drive up through Abergavenny and on to Brecon itself.By the time we got to the town we were ready for coffee.First job to find a local cafe that served good coffee.


This is CARIAD CUPCAKES  in the High St.


The decor is pink and pretty, with lots of traditional china on display.







There is an impressive range of cakes large and small on offer.This is not the place to come if you are on a diet.







The coffee was great but what was even better was the feeling you had just dropped in to see some old friends for a cuppa.No doubt this place will get really busy in the summer, I hope the owners still find time to chat to their customers.

Feeling we needed to walk off that cake and blow away a few cobwebs we headed  for the mountain centre.The views were spectacular so will include a few of my favourite photos .Sadly cannot include the smell of the moor with fresh sheep droppings and early gorse.

imagePenyfan looking  spectacular!





It is such a wild open space with views all around .







The melting snow left plenty of boggy patches.







But flowers were peeimageping out in the sunnier spots.





This high up there were sheep but as yet no lambs.








there began a competition to get the best photo.








The wind was quite icy and despite the cake I felt ready for lunch.I was very impressed with their catering facilities, despite producing 30  plus hot chocolates for a school party  from Southampton ,they served us up a delicious Lamb CAWL.

As we drove out of the car park I had to scream at R to stop.Above us a magnificent Red Kite swooped and soared in an aerial ballet, I grabbed my camera.All four shots were of clear blue sky, but thanks to the RSPB this is what he looked `like ….honest!









So exciting that this almost extinct bird is now colonising the Brecon Beacons.

We headed out on the road towards MERTHYR.







The edge of the mountains which cuts across the top of the Welsh valleys no longer marks the contrast it once did.Without the mines and heavy industry to the south all the valleys are greening up.

imageThe road still clings to the edge of the hillside and is a dangerous one to drive.



Past reservoirs and forests we came to our next destination.

imageThe only WELSH whisky distillery at PENDERYN.






I loved the bus stop here.








The sighting here gives a good source of fresh water.









The tour was technical, more machinery  than humans.






Not just whisky produced but GIN and VODKA.

imageTen ingredients added to give flavour to the gin.





The whiskey flavoured  by storage in Madeira, Sherry,or Peat smoked   barrels.







Marketing cleverly boxing bottles in commemorative packaging.









Did you know twelve  of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence were of WELSH origin?

After the tour there was a generous tasting session,after all in each couple one was driving and so handed their share to their partner!

There were plenty of choices to purchase in the shop though R of Scottish stock still prefers his SCOTCH.







BOOKING a tour in advance is advisable so contact on http://www.penderyn-distillery.co.uk  , or phone 01685 810651









One response to “Spring Day in Wales

  1. Four and a Dog

    What a lovely day out. It has made me quite homesick. X

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