North Wales 

We recently traveled north through North Wales and decided to treat ourselves to a stopover thanks to a special deal on Amazon Local. The National Trust are donated houses that may not be of great historical interest.They cannot maintain these beautiful buildings with house tours so have converted them into hotels.

The address was given as Llandudno so first we went to see this quaint Victorian seaside town.

There are three historic houses that earn there keep as beautiful spa hotels.Hartwell House in the Vale of Aylesbury, Middlethorpe hall in York , and our destination Bodygallen Hall outside Llandudno.


On a deal ours was probably the cheapest room but was absolutely beautiful in pale lemon.


The view across the gardens was impressive, and the short flight of stairs to the en suite quaint, if a little risky in the night!


The house is full of snug communal areas of historic interest , each with its own roaring fire.


It had a homely and welcoming atmosphere, easy to sit and relax.


Even in early spring the gardens were fabulous.



From the woodland walk we could see Conwy castle.


After  making good use of the spa facilities and a delicious dinner we retired to our enormous bed.

Next morning another lovely walk in the gardens then on reluctantly to Conwy.



We were blessed with beautiful weather.


Conwy Castle gave us the chance to climb several spiral staircases.


Again the weather gave us the best views.



The walled town is geared up for tourists with tea shops and river cruises.



Sadly this was just a stopover and we both regretted we did not have time to stay longer. I would love to see the gardens at the hall in full bloom and use it as a base to tour Snowdownia , ah well put it on the list!


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