Pembrokeshire West WALES

Spring puts everywhere in its best finery but in West WALES with its wild flowers it is glorious.

Driving from the East our first stop was for lunch at Narbeth.This is a sweet little Welsh town close to the Bluestone holiday Park.On our last visit protests against this were everywhere but now the new neighbours seem to be getting along well.The holiday park is very Eco aware and blends in well to the local countryside.It must provide much needed employment and the town seems to be flourishing.

We found a well stocked Delicatessen.


The olives, sausages and cheese counters were impressive


More important was the cantina style restaurant at the back , full of happy diners enjoying a tapas style lunch.We especially enjoyed the batter covered aubergine with fennel and honey.

Our hotel stood on the cliff top at St David’s, Warpool Court Hotel ( has been voted in the top ten world hotel room views.


Across the garden you can join the National coastal path , the most spectacular walk you can imagine.


The house itself is full of character, mainly one named Ada , a Victorian lady who hand painted three thousand tiles to decorate the interior.


As with many Victorians she was obsessed with chivalry and lineage.Most tiles show the origin and coats of Arms of her family We were in the nursery where the theme was beautifully detailed images of flower fairies.


Having left our bags we donned our hiking boots and set off under blue skies and strong winds…perfect for coastal walking.


The flowers along the path were everywhere.


We found the site of Nons well, St Non was the mother of St David , not sure if she was already a saint or became one after having David, maybe he was a difficult child! 


The views drew us in round the next headland till the light started to fade and dinner beckoned.


The restaurant has a good reputation and didn’t disappoint.the varied languages and accents in the dining room proving its international popularity.

Next morning we drove on quiet winding roads to Whitesands bay and walked round St David’s head. 


More flowers everywhere.



The air was heavy with the smell of the gorse bushes.


None of our photos could do it justice.We felt we had to visit the Cathedral.


Then back to the hotel for another lovely dinner, local caught lobster and crab!

Our final day walking was around Newport Sands.


It was as if we had the path to ourselves.


It was hard not to just keep walking, just one more bay or outcrop!


We have so many photographs which will perhaps live on Dropbox or Flickr.

The little cafe on the beach provided more than the usual fish n chips , much more upmarket Brie and cranberries.R had local crab.


Our last call on the way home was at the pre historic burial site at Pentre Ifan.


From all angles this is amazing.


A miniature Stonehenge and of course the stone from here was somehow shipped across to build Stonehenge.

This is perhaps more remarkable because of its quiet and remote location.


An amazingly tranquil atmosphere.


To start our trip with wild winds and crashing waves it was the perfect ending.We reluctantly headed home.


One response to “Pembrokeshire West WALES

  1. So lovely and GREEN compared to Morocco but the cliffs look about the same. Your blog looks good to me.

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