We arrived on December14th at JFK and headed into the city in a link mini bus. The driver played ` Christmas music all the way and the houses we passed were lit up for Christmas as only American houses can be. An excitable person in the calmest of times I was a little hyper by the time we checked in to the hotel.

Our small art deco hotel on 35th/5th ave. HOTEL METRO

We were so close there was only one place to go for our first visit.

Entrace to Macy's.... Biggest department store in the world!

This first short walk made us realise just how cold it was so we decided against the trip up the Empire State Building and grabbed dinner in a brasserie before bed.

The next day wearing just about all the layers we had we set off for the Broadway ticket queue. It was very long and I decided there was more to life than to spend my first morning freezing in a queue for available tickets which seemed mostly for shows also in London or I had already seen.We decided to go for breakfast.

Something Traditional Naturally

So now I have to tell you how exciting it got. I am easy to please…. a New York Taxi.

Every Taxi Driver has had someone famous in their cab. Sadly they didnt recognise me..

With so many grandchildren we had to visit the famous toy shops , now all sadly bought out by TOYS R US.

Huge Toy Shop on Times Square


We bought a fire engine with a siren which activated when you moved it. The only way to stop the noise seemed to be to dismantle it and take out the battery. My son will probably do the same thing on Boxing Day.

I got so excited we had to cross the intersection four ways to make a complete circle just to hear it over again!

We visited MOMA .

I couldn’t resist this one

We prefer Campbell Whisky


We could not do the museum justice but managed a couple of presents in the design shop before heading for the Rockerfella centre.


Self Service Brick Drums in Lego Shop












If ever you lost a LEGO brick this was the place to come





We decided to visit the famous library.

You could feel the air humming with intelligence

We caught a fabulous exhibition of religious hand written texts, the Qur’an , early bibles etc.

No pause and onto Central Station.

Thank God Jackie Onassis stopped them pulling this down!The Beautiful Central Clock

Some one said the beauty is in the detail

The building just oozes atmosphere and evokes nostagia ,even on the first visit , for all those famous movie scenes filmed here.

Sorry, There had to be one Posed Shot










We found what the concierge claimed was the best grill in New York , probably owned by his cousin and ate some really yummy baby back ribs.


Next day was so cold and we had already walked so far we took a tourist bus.So through Greenwich Village and onto Battery park and the Statton Island Ferry.

One of the best Crossings , matched the Star Ferry in Hong Kong

I realise I have to include thisI think I would have been more impressed if my face hadnt become numb photo

By now my face was numb and after a Starbucks warm up we jioned a Brooklyn tour.








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