The Island of Lindau

The Island Of Lindau

So first we actually hang some clothes up as we are here two nights and find we left
a line of washing in Innsbruck…. Ah well perhaps someone will like M&S underwear!
After a very nice breakfast we walk completely round the island, of course it is heavily planted with Linden trees which are at present in blossom so the smell is everywhere.Despite it being tiny it has been a Lake Resort since the 19th century so boasts a large train station.
Many people arrive by train from Munich or Stuttgart.
The other main transport is ferry boats which arrive from Switzerland and Austria.
The harbour is flanked by a huge statue of a lion.
And an impressive lighthouse.
The old lighthouse shows someone has a sense of humour with a braid of Rapunzel’s hair hanging from a high window.
We walked the waters edge first spotting the wildlife.
Everywhere they were busy planting up tubs and gardens ready for the season.
Most of the roads are pedestrianised with lots of cafés on the wider streets so we could not resist a coffee stop…. And of course strudel since it had been hours since breakfast.
Museums do not open till 2-00 so we decided to take a Lake trip.By the way we spend our lives at cash machines as no one uses or is keen to accept credit cards…. Very wearing but why Germany does not have such a debt problem.
Anyway onto the lake.
It was a lovely hour and a half trip where we left Germany to revisit Austria and Switzerland. The Rhone takes ninety days to flow through this huge lake and on towards the North Sea at the other side.

It was always used for trade and is still crisscrossed by ferry boats.

We sat in the sunshine drinking beer what else.the views of the shore were fun too.
What a location for a house! 
This is also where a world famous plastic surgeon has his clinic.

It was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon before another wander round town.
This is the Town Hall.

This poster made us smile.

We found a shop that repaired damaged bead work.

Maybe this is a big problem in Germany.
We have seen many churches and the Catholic one here was as pink white and gold as the others in Austria.just next door in contrast was the simple Protestant one.
Inside a moving tribute to the Germans who had helped many Jews escape from the camps.
A large display explaining the White Rose movement, in German of course so more research on Google needed.
We had been bombarded by the publicity so decided to visit the Matisse exhibition.
Colourful but needed guidance and nothing here is given an English explanation so we miss a lot.
We then headed to the restaurant recommended by our hotel.
The food was delicious but you will have to take my word for it, 
Especially the apple fritters with ice cream.

Off to bed after a REALLY LOVELY day!

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